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Life Insurance

It is very easy to get life insurance. Usually its your bank who sells you the first life insurance policy. It is when someone talks about more than life insurance it gets tricky. Have you heard any of these products:

  • Trauma Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Redundancy cover
  • Total and Permanent disability
  • Mortgage protection
  • Income Protection
  • Health insurance
  • Hospital cash cover
  • Household expense
  • Progressive care
  • Terminal illness cover

The list is longer and some of the above products have similar kind of cover but are called different names.

Here the problem while similar names of products may not offer the same product for the same cost. Every company has something unique to their product while some companies offering the same product may offer it for a higher cost.

It is a head spinner. Use the guide to life insurance 101 to give you some insight to start researching what options are available.

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Life Insurance cover - Complete Protection for your Family

Various options for life insurance and related products - Complications

More than 10 insurance companies offering a range of 8-10 products that are linked to life and health of a person. Usually these are called personal insurance.

While we just consider life insurance it’s not very complicated. But usually its not that simple. There are multiple products and more claimable than just life insurance.

Talking to an adviser helps greatly! But advice provided on insurance is tinted with the philosophy of the adviser. Furthermore, it can be daunting to get accountable to anyone with regards to your personal finance. This is where we provide you the guide to life insurance 101 below to give you an understanding of what the market looks like and what you need to consider.

Please click the link below to get access to your guide to life insurance 101.

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