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House Insurance

Accidents can happen anytime. Its insuring against these eventual situation keeps you ahead if things go bad. Talk to our expert and get things sorted right away!

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Home Insurance cover - Complete Protection for your Home

Things to consider!

The onus falls on the insured to mention a cover amount for the policy. This can be tricky when the following are not factored in:

a. Complete removal of a damaged house.

b. Clearing the site.

c. Probable filling of the site before construction can begin.

While there are various other factors to consider it is no longer catch all insurance product. Talk to our expert to protect your home.

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Key Benefits of Home Insurance with Us

  • We are there at claim time.
  • Insurance advice on acquiring the best products.
  • Multiple policy discounts.
  • Access to a range of product
  • Peace of mind¬†

  • ¬†Availability of a dedicated adviser.

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  • All insurance with one adviser.¬†