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Car Insurance

Car insurance while is the first and simplest insurance product that is bought with the first car or bought by parents for the young teen may have many pitfalls that usually are found at the time of claim, which is usually too late.

While you are researching car insurance ask the following questions:

How many companies offer car insurance?

Which company provides prompt and good claims experience?

How many types of car insurance are available?

Which car insurance is suitable for me?

See the Car Insurance 101 for the guide to answer these questions.


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Car Insurance - Peace of mind on the road

Car insurance can vary with the features offered with each company.

How many companies offer Car insurance?

Which car insurance is the best?

Which Car insurance is the cheapest?

Will the cheap car insurance cover me adequately?

There are many questions one has to evaluate before getting the insurance product or at claim time we end up reading the fine print and getting disappointed.

We have endeavoured to provide some basic evaluation on pitfalls and issues to consider before signing up for Car insurance. Please click the link below for the the Guide to getting Car insurance.



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