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Frequently Asked Questions


Who do we work for?

We work for our clients, people like you who want to buy insurance! We have agencies with all major insurance companies. This means we have access to all major insurance products and we can offer the options from pretty much all life insurance products available in New Zealand.


What can I expect in the financial review?

You can expect our adviser to meet you in person and discuss your financial goals; both short term and long term. After formulating a report of the discussion in the first meeting you will receive our recommendations of the products we recommend.

Its free at this stage and there is no obligation or contract to sign up with us.


Do we have a quota to fill with any insurance company?

No! We do not have any mandatory quota with any insurance company. Every now and then we do get incentives of placing a high amount of business with certain companies, but not a contractual obligation.


What does it cost me?

We do not charge fees at this stage. This means meeting us and discussing your needs are free of cost and there is no obligation to accept our recommendations.


Why an insurance adviser and not a bank?

An insurance adviser is your advocateĀ at the claim time. While everyone can make a claim by themselves, we believe that is the most important part of our job; to bring the cheque for you.


How do we make money when we don't charge you?

We have agency agreements with insurance companies. When you select a product from an insurance company, they pay us a commission. While getting paid by the insurance company, we believe it does not reflect well on us to charge our clients.