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About Us

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Who We Are

We are Independent Insurance advisers

Insurance is sold by banks and several other insurance providers making it a very diverse market with a range of different insurance products.

Its our job to filter all this information down to an easy to understand statement of advice which is customised specifically for your needs.

We work for you rather than the insurance provider.

Our Mission

  • Be there for the client at claim time
  • Review when financial situation change
  • Provide customised and effective insurance advice

Our Vision

To educate and nurture our clients to financial independence

What makes Us Unique

Client Focused

We strive to keep our clients interest first. Most people we work with have either never received insurance advice or have suffered bad advice. Our clients will always know what they are doing.

We make it easy

Like everyone we also have a philosophy to handling risk. This is usually explained in easy to understand and plain words.

We love it when we can impress by keeping it simple and real!


More than 7 years of experience in the ever changing insurance industry ensures that our clients get the best advice for their needs.

Wide coverage

While there are lots of products and providers in the market, we have access to most of the products that count and matter to our clients.