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How much insurance do I need?



It’s the most important question that we face with our clients! There is no right or wrong answer to this question, however as a rule of thumb 7 out of 10 cases at claim time find that it is never enough.

Most of the time insurance is evaluated as an additional bill! Some look at it as the savings or asset. We look at insurance as a necessary expense that comes with few financial choices, namely Borrowing money or Mortgage.

Most people line up to the┬ábank the moment they can save 10% deposit or have two stable incomes. Here’s the thing when we acquire an asset through borrowed money we pay several costs along with it namely; Interest, Rates, Home insurance, Maintenance etc. The cost of borrowing should include personal insurance like life, trauma, income protection.

The horrors of unfortunate events befalling a family when there is a illness are countless this usually happens 10 years or later after making the decision to acquire the asset.

On an average a for one mortgage of $300,000 in ten years the home owner pays the cost of $150,000 to $200,000 in expense and maintenance. It just seems absurd when such an emotional and financial investment is not secured.

Would you drive a leaking car or cracked window? Then why not cover your life?


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